Our Team

We work with a team of certified trainers, coaches, and industry leaders coming from public, private and non-profit sectors, who bring years of experience supporting youth and young adult populations.

Senior Leadership:

Cheryl Robertson, PCC, is a co-founder and CEO at SoulFull Life University. She has spent the past 30 years training, mentoring and coaching both young adults and senior leaders. Her professional experience includes leading and managing Human Resource (HR) development, training and leadership development programs in the public sector. Through her human resources experience, using partnership and rich conversations, she helps leaders find a path forward to their desired success.  Additionally, she has served as a member and officer for the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium (NCPMC). In October 2017-October 2018, she served as the Chair. Her leadership and commitment, along with her collaboration with agencies city-wide has been significant to DCHR and the DC Government’s success in developing leaders.

Kateryna Pyatybratova, MBA, PMP, serves as another co-founder and COO at SoulFull Life University. She is a marketing and business development expert, with a passion for creating transformational leadership development experiences. Throughout her career she helped launch a number of innovative new initiatives, including world-class women’s leadership programs for emerging and executive women leaders at the George Washington University. Kateryna also directed the nationally-recognized Cafritz Awards Program, which highlights significant accomplishments by DC Government employees in improving the quality of life for all those who live, work, do business, and visit the nation’s capital. Kateryna holds an M.A. in European and Eurasian Studies and an M.B.A. from the George Washington University, and a Professional Certificate in Strategic Decision and Risk Management from Stanford University.

Senior Management Team

Darnnella Adams serves as the Project Administrator at SoulFull Life University. She brings 12+ years of experience working in the public and private sectors, and is exceptionally skilled at integrating administrative solutions with organization and project management techniques.

Darnnella is a graduate of the University of Maryland University College (UMUC), holding a Master’s Degree in MS IT – Database Systems Tech. Darnnella also holds a Bachelors of Business Administration in Management from the University of the District of Columbia – 2015, and earned dual Associate’s Degrees in Administrative Office Management & Business Technology from the Community College of the District of Columbia, 2013. Ms. Adams currently sits on the Chief Advisory Board, Public Defenders Service for the District of Columbia.

Nicole Mintz serves as a Senior Program Administrator for Career Coaching at SoulFull Life University. Nicole is passionate about working with students and helping them see career development as the intersection of professional and personal development. She is an ICF-Certified Career Management Coach, Strong Interest Inventory Certified Practitioner and a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Certified Practitioner. Working with clients she helps clients explore employment opportunities, develop job search strategies, critique resumes, cover letters or online professional profiles; and prepare for job interviews. Nicole holds a M.S. in Organization Development from Johns Hopkins University’s Carey School of Business, and a graduate certificate in Career and Workforce Development from George Washington University.

Paris Perrault Tillery serves as a Senior Program Administrator for Training & Coaching at SoulFull Life University. Paris describes herself as an executive coach, educator, facilitator, researcher, author, change agent, genealogist, and artist. Her career spans 25 years serving with leaders in government, small start-ups, and large global and complex companies, with specialized expertise in organization development, performance engineering, healing collective and generational trauma, post pandemic health, wellness and healing, and social justice. She holds a B.A. in Social-Psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara and an M.B.A. in Global Studies Program from the University of Phoenix, San Diego. Paris is also the Practitioner of the 360 Assessments: Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), Leadership Development Report (LDR), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and Positive Intelligence (PQ) Assessments: Breaking the self-sabotage cycle.

Roz Wilson serves as another Senior Program Administrator for Training & Coaching at SoulFull Life University. She is an executive coach, helping clients to activate growth, build self- awareness and empower choice. Her guiding principles include: building trust and strong relationships; assuring people feel heard, cared for, respected, and affirmed. As an organizational development and learning consultant, Roz works with teams and different levels of leaders in complex organizations. Her specialties include coaching, teambuilding, visioning and strategic planning, inclusive leadership, interpersonal communications, emotional intelligence and conflict management. She also brings years of experience working in a variety of industries, including aerospace and defense, law, healthcare, and financial services.

Key Faculty and Coaches

Earl Carr is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CJPA Global Advisors. He has over 25+ years of experience in wealth management, commercial banking, strategy,  marketing, consulting, education, international development, and research & development. Earl held  positions at: Morgan Stanley, HSBC Bank, McKinsey & Co, Council on Foreign Relations and lived in Asia  for 8 years and studied at Beijing Normal University and worked at McKinsey’s China Knowledge Center  in Shanghai. Earl has been quoted, cited, interviewed and or published articles and Podcasts in: Mckinsey Quarterly,  The National Committee on US-China Relations, The George HW Bush Foundation for U.S.- China  Relations, Financial Planning Magazine, Phoenix TV, Sino-Vision TV, South China Morning Post, Network  20/20 and is a monthly columnist at Forbes.com.  Mr. Carr received his B.A from The College of William & Mary and his M.A. from American University.

Derrick Wesley is the owner and founder of iMar Learning Solutions. The mission of iMar Learning Solutions is to help others to INVEST in the POWER of themselves. iMar Learning Solutions launched in 2016 in Dallas, Texas and Derrick has been making a name for himself in the education, fintech, and technology fields. Derrick Wesley and iMar Learning Solutions gained national recognition by becoming the inaugural winner of TD Ameritrade’s Innovation Quest. Derrick Wesley pitched his idea called PLAN-IT, a financial literacy application that can be used by users as young as 5 to retirement age, to over 2,000 attendees. Derrick launched Seedlyng Financial Literacy to provide even more resources for schools and nonprofits. Derrick now resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife and 2 children.

Lauren Weinstein has spent over a decade helping people navigate their professional career paths and working with organizations to make them healthy and productive. She’s coached hundreds of individuals and consulted with dozens of organizations. Most recently, Lauren was the Director of Leadership Development at Degreed, a technology company committed to lifelong learning. She is the co-author of “The Empowered Job Search: Build a New Mindset and Get a Great Job in an Unpredictable World” and the author of “Coaching is Calling: A Guide to Coach Training Programs and Professional Career Career Paths.” She is a certified coach, holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and is completing her masters and EdD at Penn in organizational leadership and learning. A former competitive swimmer, Lauren lives in Washington, DC with her spouse and adorable toddler.

Richard Ciarletta is the Chief Operating Officer at Seedlying Financial Literacy. He is  an experienced Software Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry. Skilled in Lesson Planning, Educational Technology, Management, Direct Marketing, and Marketing Strategy. Richard is a strong education professional with a Bachelors of Business Administration focused in Management/Marketing from City University of New York-Baruch College.

Molly Jane Sturges is a healing centered composer/artistic director, leadership cultivator, musical researcher, educator, facilitator, integrative healing coach, and meditation teacher who has worked with individuals, organizations, and communities around the globe for over 28 years at the intersection of participatory music and art making, spirituality, leadership, personal and collective healing, community organizing, and education.   Molly works to cultivate healing processes to address personal and collective trauma, support accountable equity & justice, manifest embodied leadership, support learning capacities, create spaces for integrated bio-cultural living stories, nurture unique creative life-affirming expressions, and support unity through diversity lifeways and consciousness.

Sheri Smith, founder and CEO of Indigo, graduated from American University with a B.A. in International Studies and holds an M.A. from Georgetown in Communication. In college, Sheri worked for Vital Voices, an initiative supporting global women leaders. Here Sheri recognized her passion for helping people find their voice. Shifting her career focus to consulting, Sheri saw the benefits of clients working in their zone of genius. As a result, she founded Indigo with the vision of ushering in an education system that shifts away from standardization to one that empowers people to ultimately find work they love. She holds a B.A. in International Studies from the American University and an M.A. in Communication from Georgetown University.

Rich Tafel is a transformative leader and executive coach in areas of public policy, social change and spiritual entrepreneurship. He currently serves as the Director of Marcum Social Capital Advisors, working with venture strategists, and has done leadership coaching for hundreds of social ventures. He is co-founder of the American Project at Pepperdine School of Public Policy, focusing on the future of healthy conservatism in America. His proudest achievements are taking a lead in the 1980’s as a leader in the battle against AIDS, LGBT rights and the effort to support African countries suffering through the AIDS epidemic. Rich has spent the last four years leading conclaves to address the growing hyper partisanship in our culture. He is a frequent commentator on politics on TV, and was recently elected as the President of the Board at Citizen University. He is a graduate of the Harvard Divinity School.