SOULFULL LIFE UNIVERSITY is an education pathway that integrates SOUL into traditional learning, supporting youth with life and leadership coaching, while providing just-in-time work readiness training, financial literacy education, and career advisory.

Our vision is to see the next generation that breaks away from the preconceived notions of success and limitations to live up to their greatest potential, reimagines what is possible for themselves, their community, and the greater humanity. We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, based in Washington, DC, with a growing list of partners and stakeholders across the United States and around the world, who are committed to serving youth and young adults.

Current Projects

In 2022 we partnered with the District of Columbia Housing Authority to offer leadership training and peer coaching support to 80+ participants of the Summer Youth Employment Program (ages 14-22) on topics around emotional intelligence, professional growth, wellness and belonging. Working with the winners of the 2022 Commitment to Excellence Scholarship Program, we also hosted wisdom circles on topics on financial wellness and overcoming limiting beliefs in accomplishing one’s personal goals.

Through our partnership with Ukraine’s Youth Movement “Be Free” (YMBF) we have been able to reach youth in war-stricken Ukraine, and are now working on supporting internationally-displaced refugees through trauma-informed training, coaching and wraparound transition assistance, all leading to employment.

With the goal of reaching 1 billion youth worldwide, we are working to developing an accessible App, with content around resilience and confidence-building, overcoming self-sabotage, addressing trauma, delivering emotional first aid, living your true purpose, embodying authenticity & courage, building trusted relationships, as well as restorative justice and community-based healing practices. 

Not Another “Band-Aid” Solution: Our Value Differentiators

What Can We Do About It… Together

Our intervention design typically includes a combination of interactive learning experiences, such as mini-lectures, case studies, hot seat coaching, as well as other developmental work done through peer coaching, one-on-one executive coaching and consultative teaching.

Life Coaching

Our team of certified executive coaches brings unmatched expertise in areas particularly relevant to young adults that are learning to navigate life, career and financial choices.

Professional Training

We begin with the end user in mind, the youth and young adults whom we serve, to develop customized, wholistic trainings that fit their specific professional and personal objectives.

Organizational Consulting

We partner with organizations to develop tailor-made solutions that build internal capacity, expand reach and institutionalize knowledge within the working team.

Coaching is so important to students because at the high school level you do not quite know what you want to do… Through coaching and exploration of various opportunities, I was finally able to find my way to my passion in early childhood education.

Patrice Emilcar | Board Member
SoulFull Life University

Our Partners

Our model allows us to exercise agility in partnering with public agencies, business, and non-government institutions committed to youth advancement to deliver a wide range of tailor-made experiential programming, both in person and virtually. Trusted partners and stakeholders include Youth Movement Be Free, Innergrow Integrated Coaching LLC, the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), Companies for Causes, Seedling Financial Literacy, CJPA Global Advisors, Indigo Pathways, and Public Squared.

Donate To The Cause

Help the next generation break away from their limitations and reimagine what is possible for themselves, their community, and the greater humanity.

Contact Us

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1101 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Ste. 300

Washington, DC 20004

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